The God and the beautiful girl
During the times of the Ancient Greeks, on the land of the Legendary Suites, a beautiful, beautiful girl lived with her parents, who were illustrious sailors. The girl was promised to a handsome sailor who was in her father's crew and she was eager to marry him as soon as she would be old enough. Yet, one day, the God of Sun, Helios, saw her and immediately fell in love with her.
Help from Olympus
Helios tried to seduce her, but the girl was keen on being faithful to her future husband. So Helios kidnapped her and took her far away. Her poor parents tried to rescue her, but no man knew where Helios had taken her. So their only chance remained asking the Gods to offer their help. As they were good people and good parents, the other Gods promised to intervene.
The recovery
One summer morning, the girl finally arrived home after proving to Helios that no matter what he'd do, she would never fall in love with him. So he never touched her against her will. The other Gods kept their promise and convinced The God of Sun to let her go. Her parents were so happy that they started a big celebration dinner where they invited all the villagers.
Helios' ritual
During the beautiful celebration dinner, several villagers swore that they had seen Helios hiding on the beach, watching his beloved from a distance. Yet, he never approached her again. He just came day after day to make sure she was doing fine. The legend says that this is the reason why the sun always shines so bright over Legendary Suites: God Helios wakes up every day and comes with a bright smile to lay upon his impossible love.
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