Our mission

Life is all about balancing your hard work with unforgettable memories. In the end, all that matters is looking back and smiling at your first time experiences, at your best moments with your loved ones and at your fulfilled dreams.

Here, at Legendary Suites, we promise to build one of your greatest memories, to open a world of joy, freedom, and unbelievable experiences. Our mission is to welcome you with a large smile, offer you our best services, and then pass on the smile to you as you discover the wonders of Mykonos. If at the end of your trip you’ll have left a part of you on a sandy beach and wish to get it back one day, then our mission is accomplished.

Our values


We believe that each customer deserves a personalized experience and we do our best to offer it. We have a large range of services, but we are also ready to meet our guests’ new demands and invoke the gods to make their wishes come true.


Mykonos is the place to be if you are looking for premium locations, restaurants, and activities. We align our services to the island’s high-quality standards and make sure everything goes perfect during your stay.


As our mission is to delight you during your vacation, we invest all our passion in everything we do. Legendary Suites is made out of our desire for adventure and good taste and we put our efforts to reflect this on every aspect of our business.

Constant improvement

We are connected to the industry’s trends and always looking forward to improving anything that can be updated. From the boutique’s design to our list of suppliers, we are constantly evaluating and perfecting our services.


In the beginning, we had nothing more than our vision and our word and that has helped us build a business we truly believe in. Integrity is at the core of our achievements and we are keen on maintaining it and offering it as a currency between us and our guests.