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When going to Mykonos, a great tan might not be the first thing in your mind. But after partying and discovering the wonderful culture of this island, it surely comes right after. Don’t worry. The beaches in Mykonos attract all the sun so you can have your tan in no time. Not sure where to put your cocktail aside? We have some recommendations.

Mykonos is a great place to spend time at the beach, no matter if you’d like to mix it with clubbing or just relaxation. It has everything for everyone. But to keep it short, here is our top 5 beaches in Mykonos:

Super Paradise Beach

Probably the most popular beach in Mykonos is Super Paradise Beach, known for its mix of celebrities and sophisticated guests. Great DJs come here to start the party, which usually is initiated in the afternoon. Until then, this place offers all you need to feel lazy and dreamy, although the beach is a bit small. Don’t forget your sunscreen.

Paradise Beach

Don’t feel sad about losing the “super” in the naming, this beach can totally compensate for it. It’s full of young and beautiful people. Some of them come to Mykonos just to be part of the most popular DJs’ parties.  It also includes a private beach that won the title of Sexiest Beach Bar award by the Travel Channel in 2012 – Tropicana Beach Bar & Restaurant.

Ornos Beach

Who said you should stop coming to Mykonos after having kids? Families are welcome all around the island and especially in Ornos Beach, where you can find Mediterranean-Asian fusion foods and you can go swimming or teach the little ones how to keep themselves at the surface. You’ll love the turquoise water. 

Jackie O’Beach

If you are looking for a refined yet casual gay beach, this might be your best shot. It’s actually part of the Super Paradise Beach. You can enjoy the pool and the jacuzzi, and you can even go fishing with a traditional Greek fishing boat called kaiki. The fun usually starts at 7 p.m or 8 p.m and it finishes around 1 a.m. Don’t hold back your emotions, everyone is super open on this beach. 

Agrari Beach

This one is the closest to our accommodation and it guarantees the most peaceful days of all. It’s quiet and relaxing and it has a beautiful sand to sink your feet in. We recommend it if you want to spend a lazy time before going to the clubs or you wish to get a great tan, before you leave Mykonos.

Which one is your favorite? We’re curious if you’ll change your mind after seeing them. Here, at the Legendary Suites, we can offer you further guidance about the beaches and clubs in Mykonos.