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Mykonos island

You’ll have a wonderful time in Mykonos, that’s for sure. But you’ll also like to remember these times, after. So take a look at these easy tips for taking great photos. They are fast to apply and really make the difference. Your Instagram account will confirm it.

Here are 5 recommendations you can implement as soon as you hit the road:

Prepare your camera

You might laugh, but most people skip this step. You should always start by cleansing your camera lens with a piece of cloth. This way it won’t show stains when your photo is ready. Moreover, you could analyze the context and choose a relevant filter or ISO level. Most photographers prefer RAW photos. 

Choose the right timing

Light is essential to taking good photos. You may compensate for the lack of light with a high-performance photo camera, but the easiest thing you could do is hunt for the best moments to capture the delicate light. When’s that? At sunrise or sunset. The golden hour catches the beach in a warm, diffused light. When the sun isn’t strong enough,  there’s less risk of enhanced highlights and overexposure. Moreover, during sunrise and sunset, you might get the chance of not having so many people around to ruin your photo.

Focus on details

The beaches in Mykonos are packed with people and restaurants, but in order to shoot something unique, you should focus on the details. After taking photos of all your friends in funny positions and helping the girls taking photos at the beach, you could try to discover a new texture, like the roof of the restaurant near you, or new shapes, like a broken sea snail whose shell remained at your feet. Once you find your subject, try a portrait filter, blurring the background so you can enhance the fore.

Don’t put your subject in the middle of the photo

The protagonist of your photo should be strong enough visually to get itself noticed without staying in the middle. Photos that contain an asymmetrical view tend to be more attractive and tell a better story. A big beach hat will surely stand out without covering all the photo, and will look better surrounded by the beautiful waves that can be seen aside from it.

Use photo editor software

A good photo will differentiate itself even without any filters, but most of them require a small editing because the lens can’t catch the beauty of Mykonos as well as our eye does. We usually use Snapseed to improve lightning, enhance details and straighten the perspective. Afterward, we insert the photo in Adobe Lightroom to give it a nice touch with some delicate filters. If you want to upload it on Instagram, you could also use Later to verify if it looks ok along with the other posts, and then schedule it. 

At Legendary Suites, we have a lot of beautiful views and objects to be caught on camera and we are looking forward to showing all our collection to you.