Discover the island with a rental car

Drive away and make incredible memories! Legendary Suites offers car rental services, which you can ask for at any time. Choose your car and wander around Mykonos, discovering the classy beaches, the dashing nature, the hypnotic architecture and this island has to offer.

Take a culinary tour

Try the most outstanding delights of Mykonos and make your taste buds explode with pleasure! We can arrange for you a culinary tour in Mykonos, at the finest restaurants, but also at some less known, yet great places to discover. We promise a charming experience which will reveal Mykonos’ delicacies in an authentic and incomparable way.

Fly to other Greek islands with a helicopter

Delos, the birthplace of Apollo, is very close to our accommodation, maybe a helicopter ride away. Indulge yourself with a luxurious experience and travel to Delos or to other close islands in style. Just tell us your ideal itinerary and we can arrange for your unforgettable helicopter ride.

Learn how to do kite surfing

Mykonos offers a wide range of natural wonders and you shouldn’t enjoy the beach just watching the sunset. Learn how to do kite surfing or any other water sports by taking private lessons with rented equipment. Ask our staff for more details and they will make all the reservations required.

Take a boat tour

Ride the beautiful waves of the Aegean Sea in search of a great adventure. Enjoy the wind and the sun while discovering Mykonos from a distance. All you need to do is tell us the details and we will make sure you enjoy this daring trip.

Go diving in the Aegean Sea

We encourage you to dive into every new experience Mykonos has to offer, but also dive literally in the Aegean Sea and swim with its beautiful fish. We can arrange a Scuba & Snorkeling session for you anytime you wish.

Have a massage near the pool

Achieve total relaxation with a head to toe massage near the pool. Legendary Suites can facilitate this service, on demand. Just tell us when you’d like to spoil yourself this way and we will have it arranged for you.

If any other idea comes on your mind, feel free to express it and we will do our best to accomplish your wish.