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Mykonos hotel

All that work and no fun won’t lead to better productivity. So you could take a break, enjoy the vacation of your life and come back inspired, energized, and ready to impress. Yet, to ensure a great experience, the accommodation is as important as the destination itself. We are aware of this principle and that’s why we are trying to offer the best services here, at Legendary Suites. 

If you are looking for a comfortable, fun, and flexible experience, here’s why you should book your stay at our boutique:

The enthusiasm of a new beginning 

Everything is up to date, because everything is as new as it can be. We’ve just opened and we are glad to let you know that everything is modern, fresh, barely touched, well planned, and yet, we are very enthusiastic and flexible and would love to implement new suggestions.

We have been working hard to make this boutique come true because your dream vacation is also our biggest dream. The enthusiasm of a new beginning and the delights of being part of it would undoubtedly ensure a memorable experience.

The promise of comfort

Mykonos is known for its refined services and daring activities and we are definitely aligned to its standard. Our accommodation includes the most comfortable rooms, packed with designer pieces and with the best views of the beautiful sea in front of us. We picked sophisticated objects to ensure you have the best experience, but you can also enjoy your time at one of the 2 pools, which you can access anytime you want. 

The rest you deserve after the fun you are guaranteed

Mykonos offers a wide range of fun activities, yet you might feel the need of silence after a hard party during the night. That’s what we’d like to ensure: the perfect conditions to get some rest in a quiet part of Mykonos, surrounded by nature. Our beautiful boutique is located in a more remote part of Mykonos, so that you can relax after enjoying your night in a cool club or at a hip restaurant.

The proximity to the airport

Compared to other similar accommodations in terms of comfort and services, this one is closer to the airport. No need to wait much until your vacation starts. Also, when you are tired after a memorable vacation, you’ll appreciate the short distance to the airport. We also offer free transfer to the airport and back, but if you like, you could rent a car for all your stay. We also provide this service and many more.

The dedication we have for your needs

We have a fixed list of products and services you can benefit from, starting from a Nespresso machine in every room to a late check-out, but we’d also like to express our willingness to cover other needs, such as a private tour of the island of anything you might think of. We’ll do our best to make your wish come true, as long as it depends on us.

We would love to have you at our suites and present to you the wonderful lifestyle of Mykonos.