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Legendary Suites

We define our own brand through the services and products we offer, so our goal is to include the best choices in our portfolio. That’s why we decided from the very beginning of our business that we would associate ourselves with the top brands on the market. Today, every room has the whole package that ensures comfort, relaxation, and a memorable experience.

Curious about the brands that will be waiting for you in your room at Legendary Suites? Here are just 5 of them, so we can keep the rest of them as a surprise:


This Greek brand sells one of the most comfortable mattresses we have ever tested, so Coco-Mat was our first choice when it came to our beds. Every room at Legendary Suites includes a Coco-Mat mattress and lingerie and, if required, the bed sheets can be changed daily for any reason.  The mattresses at Coco-Mat are made of natural materials, stacked in multiple layers. No metal springs are used. 


Each room includes its own Nespresso machine, packed with all types of coffee flavors, from cappuccino to espresso. You can take your coffee right after you wake up, at any hour. If you prefer having it with breakfast, we can serve it anytime you want, without restrictions.


The furniture plays a great role in setting the room’s vibe. We wanted to be something modern, yet comfortable to suit the contemporary look and feel we were going after. Almeco was the right choice to define a refined style, without overdoing it. You will find this brand in your room, as well as in the public areas of our suites, a type of furniture that we think matches our clients’ tastes. 


We are keen on promoting our Greek providers, so we would like to mention Domogroup, which took care of our woodworks. We picked them for their attention to detail and for their sense of art. Their presence in our boutique offers elegance and refinement.

Ib Rubinetti

Legendary Suites opened during difficult times, so one of our priorities was ensuring impeccable hygiene measures. Besides the high standard for cleaning, we wanted to offer a safe and comfortable vibe through our sanitary items, as well. Our choice for our bathrooms was Ib Rubinetti, an Italian designer who creates not only durable, but the most beautiful faucets and showers. That’s what you will find in your room.

The list can go on and on, but we would like to tell you more when you arrive. Legendary Suites is ready to offer you a vacation worth telling.