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Mykonos holidays

Buying tickets to Mykonos? That’s a wonderful idea and you’ll thank yourself later for it. Right now, you have to plan your best vacation! And we have the perfect tips to get it done. While nights are for clubbing and having fun, days are for wandering and sightseeing. And you have so many attractions in Mykonos to discover and to enjoy! 

Take a look at these 5 attractions in Mykonos and make sure you check them on your list:

The windmills of Mykonos

The famous windmills of Mykonos are a symbol of the island and they mean a lot to us as they represent our logo. Until recently, they were also a way of living for Mykonos’ inhabitants, yet today they are no longer operational. From the 16 windmills situated in Mykonos, 7 of them are in Chora. They were built by the Venetians in the 16th century, but the project continued until the 20th century. Today, their role is exclusively decorative, but very important as a landmark.

Little Venice

It seems you don’t have to travel to Italy to enjoy Venice’s delights. Little Venice faces the sea with rows of 18th-century fishing houses which are now restaurants and cafes. These small houses originally belonged to shipping merchants that wanted to have direct access to the sea. Being built right on the water, the similarity to the original city is very intuitive, hence its name ‘little Venice’. To end with a valuable tip: spend your afternoon at one of its restaurants, you will catch the most wonderful sunset of all your vacation.

Super Paradise Beach

This is the epicenter of fun. Packed with clubbers, stars, and models, this beach is a beauty during daytime and a non-conformist place during night. If you’re looking for a memorable experience, this is where you can live it. You can come here with public transportation or by taxi, but don’t waste a night of fun just to drive your car. Check its official website to discover the events. 

Rarity Gallery

Fun and tanning shouldn’t exclude intellectual pleasures, especially when they are as non-conformist as everything is in Mykonos. Rarity Gallery has a youthful and daring collection of fine art, consisting of painting, photography, and different dialects of visual craftsmanship’s reality. The pieces change regularly and can be bought easily. If you like contemporary art and you are looking for an innovative decor, this might be just what you’re hoping for.

Paraportiani Orthodox Church

This church is like nothing you’ve ever seen. Its whitewashed facade makes you think that this building has a rich history and you are not wrong. It was started in 1425 but ended in the 17th century. The most interesting part is that it’s actually made of 5 pieces which were joined. The oldest church of them all is Agios Anargyros.

We hope that you already fell in love with at least one of these attractions. We know we have. If you’re still looking for a place to sleep, Legendary Suites is ready to serve you and offer you the best services to enjoy your stay, from car rental to private tours. Have a great vacation!